The article about Ulyanka on the online news of Grodno

Our long-time partner and sponsor – site placed in the newswire the article about Ulyanka and the current collection:

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The collection for the next course of rehabilitation in Serbia started!

Dear friends!
We have already reported about our trip to a rehabilitation center in Serbia in June last year. After returning home, we continued our exercises with Ulyana, taking into account the new information and skills gained.

The home rehabilitation program of Ulyana currently is a comprehensive approach, combining the method of G. Doman (in particular, we use a special diet, breathing masks, intelligent program, some types of exercises – crawling and creeping, flip-flops) and the techniques whom we met in Serbia – sensorimotor integration of primitive reflexes by S. Masgutova, tactile integration based on of S. Masgutova’s approach and Chinese massage Tui Na, logopaedic massage.

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