Our story

Dear friends!

We are parents of a special child from Belarus.  Our 7 y.o. daughter Ulyana is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and the Delay of psycho-speech development.

Ulyana (our first child) was born in September 2009 in the city of Grodno, Belarus. The pregnancy proceeded normally, and Ulyana was born exactly at the appointed time. During the first months of her life, Ulyana developed normally — moved, murmured and tried to repeat the sounds of us. The delay in the development began to emerge at 6 months after the regular vaccination — Ulyana could not sit on their own, as it should be for children at this age. Doctors reassured us: «Do not worry — sit in the 7 or 8 months — this is normal.» In fact, Ulyana was able to sit in only 10 months. By this time, it became clear that she definitely has a delay in the development.


Ulyanka at the age of 4 months

We began to visit the rehabilitation center in Grodno (where do massage, physical therapy), but the lag in the development still increased. As a result, at the age of 1,5 years, Ulyana was diagnosed, which we have indicated above.

Since that time we have tried different ways of rehabilitation: visited another rehabilitation center, engaged in hippotherapy, dolphin therapy, has repeatedly been advised by one of the leading pediatric neurologists in the country, took various medications. But all this did not give much effect.

It was clear that this is not enough, and we were looking for new ways of rehabilitation. In 2013 we’ve heard about the method of Glenn Doman for the first time and read his books.

In February 2014 we visited a workshop and consultation in Liepaja (Latvia), where Ulyana has been assigned a home program of rehabilitation based on Doman’s method.

Since that time, every day we were engaged with Ulyana and periodically went on consultation to various specialists in Latvia, Greece, and Serbia.

After several years of struggling with this disease, little Ulyana has made a significant progress – she can walk independently, feed herself, her sleep improved, she is able to read and study mathematics, perform simple requests, become less sick (we completely abandoned the medications).

However, her rehabilitation should be continued, as Ulyana unfortunately still not able to talk, to run and do many other things that can make her peers.

We have recently received an invitation to visit a rehabilitation center «Os-ossis» in Novi Sad (Serbia) to assess the current condition and the progress of Ulyana in the time elapsed since the previous visit and the corresponding adjustment of the home program.

The coming visit is scheduled from 3rd to 21st of April. The expected cost of the entire trip is following:

Treatment: 3500 EUR (3727 USD)

Additional costs (flight Warsaw-Belgrade-Warsaw, accommodation and supply): 1000 EUR (1065 USD)

Total: 4500 EUR (4792 USD)

We, the parents of Ulyana, call for help to all not indifferent people. Time — our main enemy, so we must use now every chance to maximize the possible rehabilitation of the child. The more we can give Ulyana today — the more it will be a chance for a full life in the future.

We have repeatedly seen how many among us responsive and kind people who are ready to respond and to help in difficult times. The results, which have already reached Ulyana — this is largely thanks to you because without your help we would not be able to visit the right person (specialist) and obtain the necessary skills and knowledge for successful treatment. Thank you very much for everybody who already helped us!

We hope that this time the necessary amount will be collected, and Ulyana will have the opportunity to take another step on the road to wellness!


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