The collection for the next course of rehabilitation in Serbia started!

Dear friends!
We have already reported about our trip to a rehabilitation center in Serbia in June last year. After returning home, we continued our exercises with Ulyana, taking into account the new information and skills gained.

The home rehabilitation program of Ulyana currently is a comprehensive approach, combining the method of G. Doman (in particular, we use a special diet, breathing masks, intelligent program, some types of exercises — crawling and creeping, flip-flops) and the techniques whom we met in Serbia — sensorimotor integration of primitive reflexes by S. Masgutova, tactile integration based on of S. Masgutova’s approach and Chinese massage Tui Na, logopaedic massage.

We have a positive trend and new achievements:
— Ulyanka became much calmer perceive tactile stimulation (i.e. different touches), for example, now it is much easier for the mom to comb her hair and make a beautiful hairdo 🙂
— Although Ulyanka still doesn’t speak, however, she has recently begun to utter more new sounds — even a couple of times quite clearly said «da» -«yes»;
— Thanks to the exercises on sensorimotor integration of primitive reflexes there are some reflex movements appeared and anchored, which has not been previously functioned;
— Another significant achievement of Ulyanka — she learned to show her needs and desires in her own way: she comes to mom or dad, takes the hand and confidently and persistently then leads to the place or object that she requires now. We consider it as a big progress, as before Ulyanka could express her wishes just by intonation shouting that we did not always understand.

During all the time since our previous trip, we kept in touch with the experts from Serbia — periodically consulted via Skype and sent them a video of our home exercises. Meanwhile, the remote consultation can not replace a full survey and assessment of the child by the specialists at the personal visit.

A few days ago we received from Alexandra Ivancic an invitation to visit her rehabilitation center «Os-ossis» in Novi Sad (Serbia) for the second time. The main purpose of travel — to assess the current Ulyana’s condition and the dynamics of changes in the time elapsed since the previous visit, and to make the corresponding adjustments to the home program. The visit is intended for 3 weeks, during which the sessions of exercises with Ulyana by the experts of the Center are scheduled, as well as parent education.

In addition to the techniques that we learned during last year’s visit, this time is scheduled classes and training for a new method — BDA (Biomechanical Developmental Approach), which, when practiced regularly, has a great positive outcome in children with cerebral palsy. We have already heard very good reviews about it from the parents we personally acquainted with.

The next treatment is scheduled from 3 to 21 April, 2016. The cost of the entire trip (including a flight from Warsaw — Belgrade — Warsaw, accommodation, food and professional services) is 4500 Euro (4790 USD).

We, the parents of Ulyanka, now call for help to all not indifferent people. Yes, we are very aware of and understand how hard is the economic situation in the country now and it is not going to improve. However, unfortunately, the disease does not accept any excuses. The time is our main enemy, so we must use now every chance to provide our child with the all possible rehabilitation. The more we give Ulyanka today — the more it will be a chance for a full life for her in the future.

We have been already confirmed of how many responsive and kind people among us who are ready to respond and to help in difficult times. The results, which Ulyanka has already reached — are largely thanks to you, because without your help we would not be able to get the right persons and obtain the necessary skills for rehabilitation of our child. Once again, thank you very much!
We hope that this time the necessary amount will be collected, and Ulyanka will have the opportunity to take another step on the road to wellness!!

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